Why Planning Your Day Is Important?


Most of the people don’t plan their day. They just wake up in the morning, let the day passed by and waiting what will gonna happen. This is already the habit we have grown up. Nobody trained us to make a plan or schedule on how we will end up the day. Sometimes we make plan only for those necessary major tasks but only in our head. We don’t make a plan on a daily basis and living life intentionally and making things that we really want happened.

Planning and Time Management is very essential for personal growth, in social and business development. If you want to improve your life and become successful you need to journal the task you need to accomplish during the day. You have to set goals . So that you will know which task should be tackled first the moment you start your day.  This make sure that you don’t miss anything and failed to accomplish during the day.

How to plan your day?

Start your planning by clearly defining your goal, from then you can go on to the necessary task in accomplishing the goal. Before you go to bed at night or early in the morning when you get up, Journal the task you need to accomplish on that day, from small task to a big one according to priority level and estimated time to be completed. Have a weekly planner or daily planner. Make a list of the things you need to accomplish during the day and during the week. Like for example, write down your task in your daytime job if you are an employee in a certain company at the same time write down the personal things for yourself whether it is going to the gym, reading books, doing the laundry, attending a seminar, calling to your parent, dinner to your spouse if you  are already married, going to church on Friday etc. Don’t just go out in the morning and waiting what will come your way then take action and work on it.

Practicing this habit of planning your day is beneficial. Althought for starters it is not easy because this requires self-discipline. But when you really want to improve your life and achieve your dreams you must start to plan your day. Because all successful people plan their day and they have self-discipline in personal and in business. Once you have started to do so, you will soon get use to it after 3 weeks.

Reasons why you should consider to start planning in your life.


Increase your productivity. When you have plan every day and have the list of the things you will accomplish you know on which is top priority and you won’t miss anything that needs to be done during the day. In this case, you will accomplish a lot of things. You avoid wasting time because you have organized the task to be done from one task after another. In this case your output and result will be increased.

Makes life less stressful. Having an action plan to go through considerably reduces the amount of stress for the next day. You are busy and productive so you know you are on the right track doing the things today that your future self will thankful for.

Make your day wonderful. Sounds great! Yeah, when you plan your day, you feel great because you are productive that you accomplished your goal during the day. It feels so good that when you are accomplishing the things you need to be done. And then, you are drawing closer to your dreams and goal. This gives you a feeling of excitement, satisfaction and meaningful life.

Gives you more time to your loved one. When you are planning your day you will also have more time to spend with your family and love one. At the end of the day because you are satisfied and feeling great accomplishing your task and goal for the day, you are also excited to share your time with your family. You have enough time to spend  with your loved one whether going out for dinner, a visit to your parents or going to the park during the weekend etc.


“Planning your day means living intentionally. Doing the job you really want. Making things happened to achieve your dreams and goal and living on purpose.”


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