Top 7 Morning Routine of Successful People

The things that we repeatedly do on a daily basis are our habit. Do you know that your habit will determine your future and your life?
Many people wanted to change and improve their lives, but the thing is they don’t know how and where they will start.

Study the lives of successful people and you will learn that they have one thing in common, all of them has a successful habit and everyday morning routine. They learned that a successful life begins from a successful daily habit.

Let me share with you the Top 7 Morning Routine Of Successful People.

1. Successful people are an early riser. They wake up early 2-3 hours before they engage to any commitment in that day. In the morning you have to spend time to yourself, think of your goal and do the things that you know it will improve your life. Morning is the best time to invest time to yourself, because you are more active and alive you are just recharged from the evening sleep, whereas in the evening you are already exhausted and tired in the office, all your energy are drained and you just want to sleep and relax when you get home. At first, it is very difficult to wake up early, that’s why it is important that you have a motivation that will strive you to overcome. Your goal and dreams are your driving force to break this laziness. But once you are already used to it then it would be your habit and it will become easier. A habit is formed for 21 days or a month according to a psychologist.
2.Prayer and Meditation. Spending 10-20 minutes on meditation or prayer is very important. This will calm and connect you to the source to God . Ask guidance and leading to everything that you gonna do on that day.
3. Reading books or listening motivational speeches. Successful people never stop learning, they continue to nurture themselves. Spending time to read a good book for 15-20 minutes every day will improve your life. You can also listen to an audiobook of a motivational speaker. It is important that you input in your mind first thing in the morning all positive so the rest of the day you will be positive even if there are some challenges you will face during the day.
4. Eat healthy breakfast. Eating a healthy breakfast is important to start your day right and productive. It is important that you only eat just enough amount in the morning of nutritious foods that will make your body strong and energetic. When you overeat, all your blood will go to your stomach to digest your food and the result is your brain will not function properly so you will not be active and productive.
5. Planning /time management. Successful people plan their day. They have a schedule on what they are going to do within that day. Average people, normally they don’t plan how to end their day, they are just thinking about what the day would bring to them. Come what may. It is important to plan your schedule for the day so that you will be able to do the most important thing you have to do that would matter for your success. Also you will not miss your priority. It is better to do first those major task then later the minor task. if you finished first those major task then you will just take it easy to do the minor one.

6. Positive affirmation and positive expectancy. Successful people practice positive affirmation and expectancy every day. Like for example in the morning, you should say,” Today is a wonderful day!”, Thank you God for your favor. Thank you God, for being with me. I can do all things well today because God is with me.

7. Gratitude Journal. Successful people have the habit of creating a gratitude journal. They write down all the positive things happened within the day that they are grateful for in their life. Being grateful is a habit we must simple practice daily. When you are grateful from little things the more you will be grateful because the universe will give you more in order for you to be more grateful.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Success is not an action but a habit” – Aristotle

I hope you learned a lot in this article and I wish you all the best.
Start now these simple routine and observe for 30 days how your life will change and transformed to a higher level.

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Thank you for reading this post. Till my next blog.

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