Stop Procrastination!✋


Do you know that most of the people procrastinate? Whatever color is, age, culture and race most of us have this what they call “Mañana Habit”( In Spanish “mañana”  means “tomorrow”), being lazy and putting things off at a later time to tomorrow.

According to statistics Procrastination is increasing. Many of us Procrastinate at some point. Procrastination confirms to amongst other things, not paying their bills on time, leaving Christmas shopping until Christmas Eve, doing the project near to the deadline, these are some of the habit we procrastinate.

How does procrastination is develop?

Procrastination started from one single practice repeated again for the second time then the third time, the fourth, fitfh and so on, then it will become automatic habit without conscious thinking. A habit is a regular practice being done unconsciously without the need of conscious thinking and not everybody is aware of. Every habit is formed for a period of 21 – 30 days.

They said 95%  of every person’s actions daily is run by their UNCONSCIOUS HABIT. What are those example? When you eat, when you brush your teeth, when you take shower, even when you are driving the car, you are not thinking or using your conscious mind in doing all these things. Isn’t it?

Observe the people on the street, in your group and everywhere, you can say that they are all the same. In your home, you have a huge task need to attend but then you always said “just do it tomorrow” and then tomorrow comes and then you said” oh i’l do it tomorrow or on weekend” there is still a lot of time.

How are you going to accomplish the next task if you haven’t started and finish the first task? This has a big effect in your life,on your future and why you cannot accomplish your dreams and goal.


“Procrastination is a dream thief. It stole your time to do the important things in your life that will make you successful and achieve your dreams.”



If you want to improve your life change your bad habit by replacing it with good habit. Here’s how.

Observe your habit starting from the morning, make a list of all the bad habit you need to change. Check which are those actions/ habit that you think not is helping you or improving your life. Then, once you already determine those bad habits that don’t serve you, make a list of the good habit in replacement of those bad habits. Remember the habit (whether good or bad) is formed for 21-30 days then it will be automatic to you. It is hard in the beginning to break those bad habits, like for example, you want to develop the habit of doing an exercise in the morning or getting up early to read books or study a lesson or search for business opportunity online, it feels that you are battling against your will, but after 30 days you will be used to it and it will become easy and automatic. If before you are delaying to pay your bills, this time pay on time all your bills. And when you think of something or any idea that can improve your life take an immediate action.


“There are only three types of people: those who make things happen, those who watch things happened, and those who say, What happened?


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