Mistakes We Should Be Grateful For

Life is not about avoiding mistakes; it’s about learning from mistakes. Without mistakes and setbacks, we would have nothing to mold and harden us into our better selves. – Brian Tracy

How many times have you made mistake in your life? Do you regret or you just move on and improve yourself as a person?

Failure and challenges is natural to a human being. Everyone experience and go through various trials and challenges as we travel in this journey of life. There are circumstances which comes along on our way to challenge you, to stretch you, and break you  in order to make you whole, firm and strong and become the best version of “you”.

Today I wanna share with you the Four (4 ) mistakes that we should be grateful for.

  1. Taking a job you really didn’t want – Many of us might be landed in the job we didn’t want but considering these as your stepping stone is the best approach you can make. In fact, many successful people worked in a job they didn’t like but it become their stepping stone and open doors for opportunity and make them successful. Taking a job you don’t enjoy is not a mistake, the mistake is being stagnant in a job without moving forward to a better one. The best thing is take a job, learn from it, make the most of it and then working on the job you really want.
  2. Ending a long term relationship– Most of the people when they ended a long term relationship they regret or blame someone why they ended up a long term relationship. Ending a relationship that already don’t support you to be the best person you can be is not a mistake. Later on when you find a relationship that you enjoy you will find that ending your previous relationship is not a mistake.
  3. Moving somewhere new – Moving to new country and changing your environment is something we should consider if you want to improve your life and achieve your dreams. Perhaps, you are living in a remote area and you are living in an environment that doesn’t help you and motivate you to achieve something in life. Finding of a good location, meeting new people and new opportunity from foreign land is not a mistake but something we have to adapt and be grateful for. There are lots of people who have done this, move to new location and found a great opportunity and become successful.
  4. Taking the Risk that doesn’t pay off – Taking the risk in the expectation of a good result in return but instead you failed is something you have to be grateful for. The best thing to do is learn from it, try again and take another approach or opportunity and eventually you will hit that goal and success.  Some people they are afraid to step out of their comfort zone, they are afraid to take risk because they are listening to other people who are telling them that he will fail. Sometimes our problem is also ourself because we are telling ourself that we cannot and we don’t deserve.  ” Success is found outside of your comfort zone”.  If you are willing to succeed, you must be willing to try and to fail.

All successful people around the world didn’t reach success without making mistakes in their life. Sometimes upon evaluating our life and our past we realized we had a lot of things we considered we made mistakes but then it becomes a blessing. There is no mistakes in life only lesson. The key is not to avoid making mistakes — that’s impossible. Instead, if you can grow each time you mess up, you’ll end up getting closer to achieving your goals every day.


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