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Most of the people are lazy to wake up early in the morning. They set their alarm in the morning then they will snooze it. They love to sleep…  afterwards, they will rush to the bathroom to take shower, wear clothes then go to work. This routine is commonly observed from the ordinary people and from the large number of the population who are in poverty and struggling in life. Well, we cannot blame them because this is cause of lack of awareness. This is what they’ve seen from their environment. Noone had teach us of good habit and the importance of getting up early and how to be successful.


“The secret of getting ahead is getting started” – Mark Twain


On the other side, when you observe successful people all of them have the same habit of waking up early in the morning. They are the “5am Club”. At 5 am they are already awake, make their bed and  prepare their day. And some of them they get up more earlier around 4:30 am it depends to their activity in the morning.

Investing to yourself at least one hour everyday before facing all the challenges of the day is very important in order to be more productive and inspired in doing the job and serving people. All successful people believe that in order to be successful and get ahead in life one must be discipline to get up early and excited to face the day as everyday is a new beginning, another chance to correct mistakes and another opportunity and privilege to enjoy life.


“The habit you performed from this day forward will determine your future unfold”


All successful people have their own daily routine. Example : 10 minutes prayer and meditation, 20 minutes exercise or walking, 20 minutes of learning, 10 minutes of writing their goal and planning their day. Read “Top 7 morning routine of successful people”


Conclusion & Application:

If you want to change and improve your life and achieve your dreams and goal, starting today decide to wake up early in the morning. Decide to establish a good habit. Read helpful information in this site I’m sure you will learn a lot of things. Pray and ask guidance from God before leaving the house.


Proverbs 20:13 – Do not love sleep or you will grow poor; stay awake and you will have food to spare


Wish you a good success!

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