How to Deal with Negative People?


Probably you are one of a very positive person, but sometimes you are struggling with the negativity of the people surround you, whether from your home or from the working environment. It is quite challenging on how to deal with this matter because you cannot avoid them literally especially if it is in your workplace or within your family member.

It is very difficult when you are in this kind of situation. The good thing is, if you are aware of this kind of behaviour of a person you will think a way on how to overcome this because you need to. But if you are not aware on how it affects and you don’t know how to deal with it and just continue on hanging out with negative people, eventually you will be affected and become negative as well.

There are two types of Negative people. One is Occasional Negative People. The other one is Regular Negative People. ( I will probably post a separate blog for this  2 types in the future to discussed and explained further). Today I will only give you some advice on how to deal with negative people in general, especially when you are caught up and you don’t know how to escape the situation.

How to deal with negative people?

Give her an advice for the first time. Let’s say, you are in a situation that you are aware of the way you are dealing with people and you always wanted to be positive, but then someone whom you know approach you and start talking her problem and other negative things, the first approach that I can tell you is to advise her to entrust everything to God and that nothing is impossible with Him. God will resolve all her issues in life. Every person go through challenges. That challenges are just temporary, focus on the positive things so you will attract more positive things in life.

Give an excuse and slowly walk away. Someone in your work, colleague or group you know always complain or talk negatively about everything in her life, when you are aware that she is starting to spread negative energy, instead of feeling irritated you can tell her an excuse that you have something to do and then just slowly walk away. In this way, you stop her from spreading negative energy. Because a person who keeps on talking about what’s wrong in everything in her life, it means she is focusing on the negative sides so that’s why she is attracting more of negative things instead of positive one. When she realizes that you are avoiding this kind of talks hopefully she will start to analyze and evaluate herself and decide to change.

Never force them to change. The negativity of a person is a habit of mind. Our habit is the one controlling each individual of us and it takes time to change it. The person must be aware first of the negative habit or behaviour he has in order for him to replace with a positive one. Therefore, you cannot easily change them the way you want it to, so better don’t force them to change or insist your belief. Because when you force them to change, they might feel bad on you and conflict will arise between you.  Only when he realized it and become aware of it then he decided to change, that’s the best thing that will happen to that person.

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