7 Things You Need To Quit In Order To Succeed

Quit Complaining 

Average people are constantly complaining in every single thing that is not pleasing to their feelings. They complain the weather, the food, the waiter, the train, the traffic and the list go on. This habit was formed unconsciously, but you can change this habit of complaining into gratitude. When you are aware of this habit that you have and you are willing to change, you start by looking for a positive in every undesirable situation, eventually you will shift your vibration and emotion from negative into a positive. When you develop the attitude of gratitude in your life, the more you will be poured out of good things and happy experiences. Remember ” gratitude is a magnet of miracle” . When you are grateful the more your will be grateful because the more blessings you will receive in life, on the other hand if you complain a lot, the more you will have to complain about according to Zig Ziglar. So, choose to be grateful and your life will become stream of blessings .

Quit Making Excuses and Blaming Other People

If you don’t like the quality of your life, quit making excuses and stop blaming other people. Most of the excuses people say are not having enough money to pursue their goal. They don’t have time to do what they really want because they are very busy. They were hooked with their job they hate because they have to as they are supporting their family but, until when are you going to stay in this miserable situation. If you don’t like to endure this forever, it’s time to change your belief and mind-setting. Drop all your excuses. Do something that can improve your life. Here are the things you can do: Read books to increase your knowledge. Study those people who are doing the same things that you love to do or you’d like to achieve. Money is not a hindrance to achieve your goal in life because there are many people from rags to riches who didn’t go to university but they become successful. Information is everywhere. All the sources of information are accessible from the internet. Find time to search, read and study and get idea of any subject you are interested to.

Quit  Doubting Yourself

Lack of self-confidence is one of the major factor why you are not achieving your goal and why you are living in mediocrity.  When you don’t have confidence to yourself, you are skeptical to take challenges and opportunity and try new things. Probably you have all these internal dialogs of ” I am poor I cannot afford that” “I am not good enough” ” I cannot do that”. If you’d like to improve your life, I’m encouraging you today to stop all these negative self-talk and quit from doubting your abilities and capabilities. Start to believe in yourself that you can do it and develop your faith in God believing that He will help you or that there is power in the universe that will help you in order to be bold and courageous to do what you really want to do and achieve your dreams.

Quit Trying to Please Others

Most of us grow up in a culture always seeking an attention or validation from other people. We are thinking that if we are not accepted by our peer group we feel ignored and unappreciated. Sometimes we’re trying to please other because we cared too much what other people will think about us. We compromise our dreams and goal trying to please everybody around us including our family. You can also listen to what others are telling you but you have to evaluate if that’s what you really wanted to do and if it will makes you a better person. That’s your own life at the end only you will decide for your own . Make sure that you wont regret anything because you never pursue what you really want but rather you listen and follow what other people are telling you. Don’t live on someone else’s life. If you don’t want to have regret in the future, quit from trying to please others. Do what you really wanted to do. Pursue your dreams and associate with people who wants to achieve more in life.

Quit Comparing Yourself to Other

We often compared ourselves to other people. When you see someone on the social media taking vacation and enjoying life, you feel envy or you tell yourself ” they are lucky because they are rich” but it is only your opinion. In fact, whatever you see in others is also available to you. Instead of listening all these envies and self-pity in your head, encourage yourself that you can do something with your situation. Pray to God on what you should do. Ask Him wisdom to guide you and give you favor. Take action on what God is telling you to do. Everything is possible with God so trust Him and just do your part. So quit comparing yourself to others and just focus on your own because each one of us has unique path to take and different story of life but one thing is sure what’s in-store for you is also best, you just need to figure out and ask God’s leading.

Quit from Wasting Your Time

What is your lifestyle everyday? In the morning, the first thing you do when you open your eyes is checking your phone, checking social media and looking on what other people are doing and then you self-pity. Afterwards, rush to the bathroom take a shower go to work. At night, when you come back home, take a dinner, watch television or movie marathon or play games online, when you feel sleepy you close your eyes and then the next day come, same procedure, the same routine over again and again. Weekend comes, wake up late and then the moment you get up, you do the same thing again checking facebook or instagram , chatting with friends and then the whole day finished what have you accomplish? If you want to improve your life, quit from wasting your time and change your lifestyle. Give time on exercise to keep you fit and healthy. Learn new language. Attend seminar, sometimes there are free seminars available in your area. Spend your time productively. Do the things that can improve your life and give you a better future.

Quit Staying in Your Comfort Zone

When you observe the people around you, almost everyone is living in an automatic mode. From the morning till evening the same routine everyday 24/7. You feel so tired and bored,why? Because you are afraid to try new things. You are afraid to go out of your comfort zone. You are afraid to fail so you just settling for less. You are not happy with your job and you are not satisfied with your current situation? Quit staying in your comfort zone. Try new activity, new food, learn new things. Go to other place and look for better opportunities. Don’t be afraid of failures, it is part of life in order to succeed. We are meant to grow. Your goal that you want to achieve is only outside of your comfort zone. There are great things out there. Look at the people who succeeded, because they have the courage to step out of their comfort zone and pursue their dreams.

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