When You Know The Truth, It Shall Set You Free!

Many people doesn’t know who they are. They don’t know their purpose in life. They don’t know their potentials. They don’t know their skills and talents that they have. They don’t know on how to become themselves.  They don’t know how to manage their life. What most people know is their limitations. Limited skills and resources.

You were born with a lot of potentials in you. You are rich with talents, skills, and capabilities in order for you to become successful. Before you were born God provided everything that you need in this world. You are fully equipped, clothed with strength, power and given the favor. He didn’t just created you and conceived by your biological mother just to abandon you and forsaken in this challenging world. It is up to you to discover your potentials and purpose.

When you were a child, you are very excited to live, you have lots of dreams. God put that dreams in your heart in order to make it come to pass. You were born to be a winner. So remember your dreams when you were still young and never forget it. Never give up. Never lose hope.

Think about this, have you chose to be born in this world? Absolutely no, no one chooses to be landed in this big universe. Each one of us just wake up one day wondering where we are and then just live the life we think we should. We just follow the status quo without thinking if is this the real way things should be. We assimilate our family first, our parents, environment. We forgot who we are as we are growing up and getting adult. We are conformed to the pattern of this world and we believe that this is the real world. People around us mold us for who they think we should become, but the question is, do you like who you are now? Is that the real you and what God wants you to be? Ask yourself and think about it. Are those people who are telling you what to do and who should you become, are they successful who are living with their dreams? Are they a good example to be followed upon? Are they supporting your dreams to get your life to the next level or are they pulling you down? Are their words are encouraging you and inspiring or dragging your back and sucking your energy. “Be who God wants you to be, not what others told you who you are.”  You have life. You have feelings and emotions. You have mind and freewill to choose and do whatever you want compare to other creations such as birds and plants because the man is the highest form of creation. You are God’s masterpiece. You are precious creation. You are beloved to the eyes of your creator. Think high. Dream big. Don’t limit yourself. Remember that we will only achieve our dreams and purpose not by our own strength but according to the mighty power, grace and favor of the author of our life.

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